Can I get a Sim-free Smartphone?

As of 16th August 2021, Currys have made a change to their website which means you are no longer able to obtain sim-free smartphones online with your redemption code until further notice. You can however continue to obtain sim-free smartphones using your redemption codes in-store.

You are also able to use the redemption code to obtain any product including sim-free smartphones using the Currys App - Download it on iOS & Google Play

This change is outside of Techscheme's control, but we are in contact with Currys and hope this is resolved as soon as possible.

The Currys redemption will only expire after 2 years, or 2 years after it was last used (in the case where you have used only part of the total value requested). You can still use the redemption code online for any other product, either before going in-store or after with the remaining balance.
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